Unit 6 How much is it_ Part C 市优质课课件

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Guess! How much is the small/big …? Is it …yuan? ¥ 8- ¥ 12 ¥ 30- ¥ 50 ¥11 ¥40 How much is the short/long …? Is it …yuan? ¥ 20- ¥ 30 ¥ 100- ¥ 200 ¥28 ¥100 s How much __a_re__ they ? They’re __th_r_e_e__ yuan ¥1 ¥1 ¥1 看图填空 How much __i_s__this _a_p_p_le_? It’s _o_n_e yuan. ¥1 s s s s ? How much are …?(复数形式) ? They're /They are ___yuan. ? How much is …? (单数形式) ? It’s/It is _____yuan. Wow! Yummy! Answer the questions 1) How many apples does Zoom want to buy?___F_iv_e_. _______ 2) How much are they?__T_h_ey_’_re_3__y_ua_n_.____ 3)What else does Zoom want to buy? Ten ba_n_an_a_s_,t_e_n_o_ra_n_g_e_s_,f_iv_e_p_e_a_rs_a_n_d_______ _tw_o_b_i_g_w_a_te_r_m_e_lo_n_s_. __ 4)How much are they? T_h_e_y_’r_e_fi_ft_ee_n__yu_a_n_.______ Read and fill in the blank Buy fruit Assistant(售货员):Can I help you? Zip : Yes,I want two_a__p_p_le_s.(苹果) How much are they? Assistant(售货员):_T_h_e_y_’_re__ five yuan. Zip :I also want four __o_r_a_n_g_es(橙子 ) three_p_e_a_rs(雪梨), six __b_a_n_a_n_as(香蕉) and a big _w_a_te_r_m__e_lo_n_(西瓜). _H_o_w__ _m_u_c_h__ are __th_e_y__ ? Assistant(售货员):They’re ___te_n__ ___yu_a_n__. Monkey:Can I help you?. Zoom: Yes.I want …. How much are they? Monkey:They’re __yuan. Zoom: Oh, I also want ten ____, ten ___, five ___ and two big ___. Monkey:That’s ___ yuan. Let’s go shopping If you have fifty yuan,what will you buy?(如果你有50元, 你将买什么呢?) 对句子的划线部分进行提问。 1、It’s 52 yuan . _H_o_w__m_u_c_h_i_s_i_t _?______________ 2、They’re one hundred yuan. _H__ow__m__uc_h__a_re__th_e_y_?____________ 3、This skirt is 65 yuan . _H_o_w_m__u_ch__is__th_i_s _s_k_ir_t_?__________ 4、These dresses are 99 yuan . _H_o_w_m__u_ch__a_re__th_e_s_e_d_r_e_s_se_s__? _____ Go shopping A:Can I help you? C: Yes, I want a pen and a ball.How much are they ? A: They’re 49 yuan. C: Ok.I’ll take them.Here is the money. A:Thank you. ——assistant售货员A ——customer顾 客C 前后四人为一组,每组选一 个人做售货员,其他三人为顾客, 用学到的句型向售货员购买物品 (水果、衣服、学*用品等)。 1、听音,朗读对话5次. 2、书写本课四会单词和句型。 3、Make a dialogue(编一个对话) 假如你现在有50元钱,你会买什么 呢? Clothes Shop Toy Shop Fruit Shop Book Shop Thank you!